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Drink Beer for the Avalon!

The Rockslide Brewery has generously agreed to donate $1 from every pint of their new Avalon Ale to the Avalon Cornerstone Project! Stop in for a pint soon. Quantities limited! Get it while you can! Big thanks to the Rockslide for their support and their tasty beer! 

The numbers: 

City investment: $3,110,476

DDA investment: $3,000,000

DOLA grant: $1,000,000

Avalon Theatre Foundation: $1,124,000

Construction update:

There are two parts to Phase I of the construction project. (1) the renovation of the 90 year old theater and (2) the building of an addition to the east of the theater.  The theater renovation includes new seating, the removal of the projection room, the transition from film to digital, and updated life safety systems. The addition will house an elevator, bathrooms on all levels, the multi-purpose room, and expanded lobby and concessions.


Community theaters have been a cornerstone of civic life throughout history. From countryside to city, they've played host to events ranging in scope and style from comedic acts to Shakespearean plays and from symphonic performances to rock-'n-roll concerts — and in so doing have brought the wider world to our own doorstep. The elemental bonds of shared experiences, fond memories, and timeless storytelling have cultivated community strength and stability from our earliest beginnings. The Avalon Theatre is Grand Junction's own community gem, cherished by over five generations of Grand Valley residents dating back to its vaudevillian roots. Today, this historic treasure is uniquely positioned to return even greater dividends to our community.

The Avalon Theatre Foundation was formed in the early 1990s with the mission of historic preservation, generational heritage, and continued commercial operations. Its mission remains the same today but with an added sense of responsibility and vision.

The Avalon Cornerstone Project is a capital fundraiser to renovate and expand the facility, making it capable of accommodating a wider range of uses that will support improved commercial, cultural and community benefits to the Grand Valley.